Chief of Staff


Your core mission is to amplify the efforts of the CEO, VP of Operations, and the entire executive team. This is a highly strategic role requiring an ability to drive change and buy-in across the organization. You will own Vive’s strategic implementation process based on the Rockefeller Habits strategy and execution framework, including the quarterly and annual strategic planning process. You will also lead our interactions with government funding agencies, which are a key part of Vive’s growth strategy. You will lead from behind and will be confident and strategic in your approach, with the ability to zoom out and consider the needs of the whole organization and not individual departments. You are part of Vive’s Executive Team and report to the CEO. 

You will deliver on this mission by: 

  • Owning Vive’s Project Management function 
  • Building relationships with key funding partners  
  • Breaking down silos within the organization – eg, by ensuring meetings and communication channels are being effectively used to disseminate need to know information across teams 
  • Delivering high-impact, data-driven insights and working with teams to address findings – eg, by implementing continuous feedback loops from all data sources and ensuring they are accessible by Vive’s Coaches for continuous action 
  • Drive continued improvements in the corporate decision-making process – eg, bias towards action without engaging in decision by committee 
  • Communicating internally and externally – eg, executive presentations/memos/papers; pushing to publish early and often; implementing forcing functions (eg, publicly declared deadlines) to build this muscle at an executive level 
  • Corporate communications - own the corporate narrative and ensure alignment across the company; corporate and crisis communications management; corporate PR 
  • “Special Projects” – eg, facilities upgrades, fundraising support, M&A support, large government grants 
  • Increasingly taking on CEO’s/VP, Operations' “gravel and sand” to free up their mindshare and time for their big rocks 

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