Executive & Office Administrator


Working under the direction of the Chief of Staff, your core mission is to optimize the Executive Team so they are focused on the highest impact priorities. You will do this by owning 80% of their admin tasks to free up their mindshare. You will also share office administrative duties with the Facilities Manager to ensure onsite employees have everything they need to effectively do their jobs. 

Interacts with: 

  • Internally – all employees 
  • Externally – board members, investors, service vendors, property management, landlord 

Accountability - In Your First 12 Months You Will... 

1. Take on 80% of executive team's administration

  • Admin is a necessary evil, but it takes a lot of time and not everyone is an expert. Our exec team is made up of people who are SMEs in their domains; your job is to be the admin SME so our team can focus on their areas of expertise.

2. Own logistics for all company, executive, and department meetings

  • It takes a lot of calendar juggling, planning, and coordination to keep the trains running on time. You are the glue holding the exec team together so that they are having the right conversations with each other, and keeping employees engaged and in the loop.

3. Office administration

  • We have two offices and a lab, which means vendors, supplies, maintenance, and so on are critical to creating a workplace where employees want to spend their working hours. With the Facilities Manager, you will ensure that employees have everything they need to do their jobs.

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