Production Engineer


Support the manufacturing process for all Vive products. You’ll do this by working with internal and external resources to ensure quality standards are met, manufacturing deadlines are achieved, all at a reasonable cost. Activities will include regular interaction with R&D to understand quality requirements, improve efficiency and effectiveness of manufacturing related processes, provide insight into issues encountered externally, offer recommendations on how to improve issues. Other activities will include qualifying new toller facilities and resources to support our manufacturing, manufacturing planning, manufacturing support at 3rd party tollers, new product scale-up.

You will deliver on this mission by:  

  1. Researching, qualifying and selecting quality 3rd party partners who will ensure that Vive’s FC and Allosperse products are manufactured to standards consistent with Vive’s specifications.
  2. Working collaboratively with the R&D team to improve manufacturing processes, for both new and existing products, to stabilize product quality to ensure a 2 - 3-year product shelf-life
  3. Monitoring manufacturing process at 3rd party toller locations to ensure Vive’s manufacturing recipe and instructions are followed. Act as the “eyes & ears” of the Manufacturing Manager on site by identifying real time manufacturing issues as they arise and communicating them proactively to Manufacturing Manager. Providing technical recommendations to 3rd party toller to rectify the issue.
  4. Using Vive’s ERP system, develop annual production plans that can/will be adapted to meet changes in product recipe, raw material delivery delays and registration delays.
  5. Maintaining full scale production yields above 98%; reworking/recovering all material below company standards for each production run.
  6. Continuously looking for opportunities to strengthen Vive’s manufacturing planning, management and processes (both internal and external) by making recommendations for change to people, processes and technology.

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