Research Assistant, Product Development


Your core mission as Research Assistant in the Product Development/Research team is to provide technical support to other members of the team with a focus on several methods of analyses and/or experiments that are well understood and normally have standard procedures to follow. 

You will deliver on this mission by:  

  1. Setting up and executing experiments according to established SOPs or as directed by senior staff.
  2. Maintaining instruments and equipment in good working conditions.    
  3. Analyzing results and preparing detailed reports/presentations for assigned work.   
  4. Performing scientific activities with accurate calculations, gathering complete data, and adhering to prescribed methods and SOPs where available.  
  5. Maintaining up‐to‐date working records, such as lab notebooks and sample reports (digital experiment files, data summary tables, etc.). 
  6. Adhering to local, provincial, and federal legislation pertaining to Company employment and health and safety
  7. Demonstrating corporate values in the performance of the work and interactions with others. 

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