Senior Microbiologist


Your core mission as a Sr. Microbiologist on the Research team is to provide technical expertise for the Company’s current and future products by independently performing research and development activities to improve existing products, develop new products, or develop new product concepts and platforms for commercialization.

You will deliver on this mission by:  

  1. Designing, leading, and executing experiments, analyzing results, preparing detailed reports for assigned projects, noting conclusions, and making recommendations to various audiences including Management, PDP/RDP Committee, and other members of the team through regular meetings, presentations, and technical reports. 
  2. Delivering impactful results by performing research and development activities with the expected scientific rigor and knowledge of an established professional in the field.
  3. Ensuring the accuracy of calculations, completeness of data, and adhering to prescribed methods when applicable. 
  4. Developing strategies, methods, and SOPs to achieve the deliverables of a project.
  5. Supervising, training, and mentoring junior staff on experiment design, methods, and data interpretation to facilitate advancement of departmental goals.
  6. Leading critical projects including consulting with Product Managers and the PDP/RDP committees to advance project through PDP/RDP process.
  7. Thinking outside the box and bringing to the team your own unique ideas for new product, new experiments, and suggestions for how to improve existing processes.

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