Senior Plant Scientist


Your core mission as part of the Product Development team is to develop and execute experiments within Vive’s newly constructed controlled environment facility.  This includes the development and execution of bioassays, biokinetics and rainfastness studies, growth of greenhouse samples and analysis of all experimental tasks. 

The role spans all aspects of controlled environment research, with special emphasis on herbicide and fungicide R&D of Vive’s synthetic and biological pipeline. 

You will deliver on this mission by:  

  1. Setting up and executing experiments, growth chamber and greenhouse trials, analyzing results and preparing detailed reports for assigned work. 
  2. Making recommendations within the scope of the assignment to various audiences including Team Leads, Senior Chemists, and other members of the team through weekly meetings, presentations and technical reports. 
  3. Collaborating across teams to meet objectives spanning early research to late development. 
  4. Performing research and development activities with the expected scientific rigor and knowledge of an expert in the field.  
  5. Ensuring the accuracy of calculations, completeness of data, and adheres to prescribed methods when applicable. 
  6. Develop strategies/methods/SOPs to test and achieve the deliverable of a project. 
  7. Ensuring smooth function of the controlled environment test equipment. 

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