Sustainability & Grants Manager


Your core mission is to:  

  1. Position Vive as Canada’s leading sustainable agtech company and demonstrate the positive impact Vive’s technology and products have on its stakeholders and the environment. You will spearhead Vive’s sustainability metric development and reporting with a data-driven approach through coordination with Vive’s agronomists, field trial managers, and consultants among others.  
  2. Generate over $10M CAD annually in non-dilutive funding. You will do this by owning the end-to-end grants process, optimizing for grants that have the highest likelihood of success and largest funding amounts. 

Interacts with: 

  • Internally – all employees  
  • Externally – funding agencies, vendors, consultants, investors, board, shareholders and the public 

Accountability - in your first 12 months you will... 

  • Spearhead Vive’s sustainability initiative – position Vive as Canada’s leading sustainable agtech company by leading data-based projects and reporting on results internally and externally
  • Bring in >$10M annually in grants – build a funnel of funding sources representing $10M in funding, and build a grants tracking system 

Specific Duties & Responsibilities 

Sustainability ownership 

  • Own Sustainability initiative (with General Counsel and Sustainability Committee): 
  • Drive Vive’s sustainability strategy by managing sustainability initiatives across the organization
  • Source and apply data (field trial data, publicly available information, sales data) and feedback (from employees, investors, and customers) 
  • Engage and manage vendors and consultants, develop metrics, identify benchmarks, and collect data
  • Understand, review and present complex data for all levels of audience
  • Report on Vive’s sustainability initiatives and progress internally and externally, including to funding agencies, investors, government, customers, employees, board of directors, shareholders and the public
  • Engage with, and serve as a member of, sustainability focused organizations and groups, and stay up to date with recent developments 

Grants ownership 

  • Own end-to-end grants process (with VP Research & IP) 
  • Identify and apply to current and upcoming grant programs for which Vive is eligible 
  • Maintain relationships with program administrators to stay on top of program status and have them review draft applications to optimize for success 
  • Implement a project management system or calendar to manage applications
  • Coordinate with internal SMEs to complete applications (or EOIs/LOIs)
  • Submit applications on time
  • Follow through on status of applications
  • Track disbursement of funds
  • Follow up with agencies/programs to report on how funds are spent as agreed to meet goals
  • Update Finance and Executive team on status of grants 

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