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Systemic, broad-spectrum control of yield-robbing diseases

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Excellent choice for resistance management (Group 11 and group P5)

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Activates the plant’s natural defenses

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Improves plant health and decreases plant stress

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Improves quality and yield

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Allosperse enables this chemical + biological combination with no clogging, no stress, and no added equipment

ALFALFA Common diseases in alfalfa (leaf spots and mildews)
CORN Rhizoctonia diseases, Root rot, Stalk rot
COTTON Rhizoctonia seedling blight
DRY BEANS Rhizoctonia root rot
PEANUTS Crown rot, Damping off
POTATOES Black dot, Black scurf, Silver scurf
SOYBEANS Rhizoctonia, Southern blight
SUGARBEETS Rhizoctonia stem canker, Crown rot
TOBACCO Rhizoctonia diseases, Target spot, Blue mold, Frogeye leaf spot
OTHER Refer to product label

* For a full list of crops and pests, refer to label.

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Active Ingredient Content

Azoxystrobin 1.74 lb/gal, Reynoutria sachalinensis extract 1 lb/gal Contains two modes of action Group 11 (strobilurin) and Group P5 fungicide

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