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Bifender FC is the best mixing bifenthrin insecticide, especially with liquid fertilizer. It won’t clog nozzles or lines and stays mixed, even with application delays and freezing temperatures.

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Higher plant stands and higher yield

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Stays in suspension longer

Corn Corn rootworm, Wireworm, Cutworm, Armyworm, Seedcorn maggot
COTTON European corn borer, Thrips, Boll weevil, Bollworms, Loopers, Aphids, Hoppers, Leafperforator, Cutworm, Armyworm, Stinkbug, Mites
Dry Beans Wireworm, Grape colaspis, Grubs, Root maggot, Seedcorn maggot, Armyworm, Cutworm
Peanuts Armyworm, Earworm, Cutworm, Leafhoppers, Loopers, Stinkbug, Stalkborer, Aphids, Mites, Thrips, Whitefly
Potatoes Wireworm, Grape colaspis, Rootworm, Flea beetle, White grub
Soybeans Rootworm larvae, Grape colaspis, Grubs, Root maggot, Wireworm, Cutworm, Armyworm, Seedcorn maggot
Tobacco Armyworm, Cutworm, Flea beetle, Mole cricket, Stalkborer, White grubs, Wireworm

* For a full list of crops and pests, refer to label.

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Active Ingredient Content

1.75 lb bifenthrin/gal

Bifender FC is a Restricted Use Pesticide. Important: Always read and follow label instructions before buying or using Vive Crop Protection Inc. products. The instructions contain important conditions of sale, including limitations of warranty and remedy. Capture and LFR are trademarks of FMC. Bifender and the Vive Crop Protection logo are trademarks of Vive Crop Protection.

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