The Allosperse® Advantage

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Better mixing of trusted products. Whether it’s mixing with starter fertilizer, a post-emergent herbicide or hard water, Allosperse® ensures products mix well with no clogging of lines or screens, stay in suspension better even in cold weather, and require no expensive equipment.

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Best in-class performance. We use the Allosperse Delivery System with high performance, proven crop protection products. This provides maximum benefit for farmers for both in-furrow and foliar applications.

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Ready when and where you need them. The Allosperse Delivery System creates new ways to use time-tested, proven crop protection products.

How Allosperse® Works

Targeted Protection

When you apply a crop protection chemical to your field, you want it to go straight to the problem, without causing issues in areas where it isn’t needed. The Allosperse Delivery System uses polymer “shuttles” to carry a crop protection chemical where it needs to go. The shuttles also control how a chemical mixes with fertilizer in the tank and how it interacts with the plant or the soil once it’s applied.

Compatible With Proven Products

The inside of every polymer shuttle is adjusted for compatibility with various fungicide or insecticide active ingredients.

The outside of the polymer is tuned to go to a specific location and designed to help products mix with liquid fertilizer, each other and with other tank-mix partners.