Targeted Protection

When you apply a chemical or biological on your farm, it needs to go straight to the problem, without causing issues in other areas. The Allosperse Delivery System uses patented polymer “shuttles” to carry an active ingredient where it needs to go.

Tuned for specific chemistry

The inside and outside of every proprietary Vive Allosperse polymer is designed for optimal compatibility and performance ensuring each active ingredient performs at its’ best.

The Allosperse® Advantage

Best mixing products

The Allosperse® Delivery System creates the best mixing products available, allowing growers to get more done at once. Whether it’s mixing with starter fertilizer, a post-emergent herbicide or hard water, Vive’s products mix well with no clogging of nozzles, lines or screens, stay in suspension better even in cold weather, and require no additional expensive equipment.

More Effective Seed Treatments

The Allosperse Delivery System reduces dust-off and improves active ingredient adhesion to the seed while also improving compatibility of the chemical and biological components.


By leveraging the Allosperse Delivery System, Vive is able to stabilize and prolong the shelf life of biologicals, while optimizing their performance in the field. Vive recently launched AZterknot, the world’s first biological, chemical and Allosperse fungicide.


The Allosperse Delivery System improves foliar penetration, rainfastness and coverage creating better performance and increased sustainability.

Better Soil Applications

Increasing or decreasing mobility in the soil is key to performance of some active ingredients. Allosperse is designed for each active to achieve the perfect balance.

Quadris® is a trademark of Syngenta.