Averland FC FAQ

Do I need any special equipment to use Averland FC?
Averland FC does not require any additional application equipment. Averland FC is powered by Allosperse, making it the best-mixing abamectin product on the market, even mixed with liquid fertilizer or other products. Standard agitation in your liquid fertilizer system will be enough to keep Averland FC in solution. Averland FC is also the only liquid abamectin product labelled for in-furrow use in corn.

Can I dump Averland FC in the tank and mix with anything?
Averland FC doesn’t help other products be compatible, but it will mix just about anything. Vive has completed many fertilizer mixing scenarios without any issues. Always complete a jar test to be certain.

What kind of residual activity do I get with Averland FC?
Environmental factors can influence residual activity, and on average we see 40 days of protection. Nematodes cause the most damage when a corn plant is young and before it has hit periods of rapid growth.

What nematodes does Averland FC suppress?
Averland FC provides suppression against a broad spectrum of corn nematodes including lesion, root knot, stubby root, spiral, dagger, and lance.

Does Averland FC get soybean cyst nematode?
Averland FC is not labeled for use in soybeans.

What’s the difference between Averland FC and seed treatments?
Averland FC applied in-furrow provides a zone of protection around the seed, not just on the seed, and is active at suppressing nematodes as soon as it is applied.

How do I know if I have a nematode problem?
Soil testing is the best way to determine if nematodes reside in a field. Stunted and yellow plants can be indicators of a nematode problem.

What’s an average yield gain/ROI with Averland FC?
In small plot trials with moderate nematode pressure, we saw a yield increase of 10.6 bu/ac. Based on $11.00/ac product cost, and $4.00/bu corn price, Averland FC delivers $31.40/ac ROI.

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Corn prices are subject to fluctuation. Averland FC costs are based on October 2021 MSRP. Retail prices may vary. Averland FC is a Restricted Use Pesticide. Always read and follow label directions. Allosperse® and Averland® are registered trademarks of Vive Crop Protection Inc.