Convenient in-furrow option for corn nematodes

In any given growing season, there are many factors that can influence the yield of a crop. Weather, fertility, disease, insect, and weed control are the standard topics that most growers focus on when preparing for the next crop year. One pest that has been making headlines in recent years is plant-parasitic nematodes in corn. Many traditional nematode options such as fumigants and organophosphates are difficult to handle, toxic, expensive, and can cause adverse interactions with certain herbicide applications. As the agriculture industry continues to evolve and innovate, new products including seed treatments and in-furrow products to control nematodes have been introduced to the market.

It goes without saying that IPM practices, such as crop rotation, soil testing and variety selection are among the most important steps to managing nematodes. However, sometimes these steps are not enough, and additional measures need to be considered to help control losses caused by plant-parasitic nematodes.

In samples from Iowa fields tested from 2000-2010, 92% of fields contained at least one type of plant-parasitic nematode1. Other states have similar scenarios, such as Kansas where nearly every corn field has some level of root-lesion nematode present2. This doesn’t always mean that levels are yield-limiting, however it does lend careful consideration to management plans for the following season.

Symptoms of nematode infestation are relatively non-descript and include:
• swollen roots
• death of root tips
• dark areas (necrotic lesions) on roots
• stunted roots and/or shoots
• yellow foliage
• mid-day wilting or curling of leaves

One easy, convenient, and effective solution is Averland FC by Vive Crop Protection. Introduced to corn growers in 2019, Averland FC utilizes a proven nematicide (abamectin) to give protection from a wide range of plant-parasitic nematodes to help a corn crop thrive. Averland FC mixes easily with liquid fertilizer, making this the ideal product for growers utilizing starter fertilizer, providing excellent coverage in the furrow and around the seed. Adding Averland FC to your customer’s management plan provides another mode of action to help reduce stress brought on by nematodes.

2021 trials conducted across the United States showed that Averland FC, on average, increased yield by 19 bu/ac over the untreated check, creating an ROI of $65/ac*.
Averland 2021 vs untreated

In some geographies, Velum® is being used in-furrow for nematode suppression. In 2021 trials in Georgia, Averland FC provided comparable yield enhancement to Velum, while delivering market-leading fertilizer compatibility.
Averland vs Velum GA n=3

Based on these results, agronomists are encouraged to pencil out the value that Averland FC provides over other products on the market when growers are facing a battle with nematodes. To learn more about Averland FC, contact your local rep or click here.

*Based on $11.00/ac product cost and a $4.00/bu corn price.
Always read and follow label instructions. Averland FC is a Restricted Use Pesticide. Velum is a trademark of Bayer CropScience. Averland is a trademark of Vive Crop Protection Inc.