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    An Easier Way to Combat Cotton Pests In-Furrow

    From the moment cotton seed hits the ground, pests are trying to attack it.

    Seedling diseases, nematodes, insects, you name it, these yield-robbing pests are a major threat to early-season cotton plants. Most of these pests can cause irreversible damage that will affect yield and, in severe cases, can lead to premature seedling death. Defending the plant stand is crucial to the overall success of the crop. But what is the most effective and efficient way for growers to protect their cotton?

    For a long time, seed treatments have been the common practice, but they are limited to what the seed coat can hold. Advancements in precision agriculture have spurred the adoption of in-furrow pest control applications. New in-furrow equipment allows for the extremely accurate placement of the crop input either directly on or next to the seed. New Precision Chemistry crop protection solutions allow for the seamless combination of multiple crop inputs like fertilizers, micronutrients, and other chemistries. This combination of in-furrow advancements creates an easier and more efficient at-plant application for the grower all while delivering the pesticide directly where it needs to be.

    Two early-season pests that are showing increased control with the adoption of in-furrow crop protection applications are nematodes and thrips. Both pests can be a major nuisance to cotton growers causing significant damage to the plant during critical early stages of development.

    Nematodes are microscopic roundworms, invisible to the naked eye. There are thousands of species of nematodes that inhabit the soil, but the ones worth concern are plant parasitic nematodes. These nematodes damage cotton roots through a stylet by either stinging or feeding off them, reducing the plant’s ability to absorb water and nutrients. This leads to stunted growth, wilting, and reduced yield. Averland FC nematicide, from Vive Crop Protection, is a Precision Chemistry solution proven to combat nematodes in an easy-to-use, economical, in-furrow application. An abamectin-based nematicide, Averland FC can be applied directly to the root zone to immediately defend the seed and growing plant from nematode damage.

    “In 2022, cotton trials across the southeast showed an average yield increase of 55 pounds per acre, outperforming liquid and dry competitors, and providing growers with a consistent ROI,” says Jason Sweeney, Vive’s Senior Southern Biologist. “We see good activity on both root-knot and reniform nematodes. At 3.5 fl oz/acre, you are getting more abamectin in the root zone than what is provided by seed treatments at standard seeding rates.”

    Thrips are a major pest to threaten cotton, causing severe seedling damage and yield loss if not properly controlled. These prolific pests have a very quick reproductive cycle spanning 7-14 days from birth to reproduction, increasing in hot, dry weather. Thrips will lay eggs either on the leaf surface or can create galls and embed their eggs in the tissue of the plant. Each generation of thrips increases the threat threshold and potential resistance to insecticides. Growers can reduce the chance of early infestations with an in-furrow insecticide like Viloprid FC 1.7. Another Precision Chemistry solution from Vive, Viloprid FC 1.7 is an imidacloprid-based
    insecticide that when applied in-furrow is systemically taken up the cotton plant throughout early growth stages, protecting the emerging crop from thrip damage.

    With modern ag technologies, in-furrow crop protection applications are more and more becoming the standard practice in combating early-season pests. And when using Precision Chemistry crop protection solutions, like Averland FC and Viloprid FC 1.7, this combo application becomes even easier to throw in the tank at plant and roll. Growers get the convenience of a compatible tank mix, the efficiency of a single-pass application, and early-season protection from notorious pests like nematodes and thrips.

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