Get “Superpowered” Potato Plant Health

By: David Reif; Northern Technical Sales Agronomist

In every good superhero story, the protagonist needs to figure out how to enhance their superpowers and defenses to defeat the villain, often taking on bumps and bruises along the way to be victorious over “evil.” Farming can be like a lifelong superhero movie. We take bumps, bruises, and defeat and turn them into opportunities to power up, change our behaviors, and adapt so that we can be victorious over evil (diseases) that we face in our fields every year.

Potato disease like Early Blight and Black Dot are an every year “evil” that farmers must face. New products on the market help growers change and adapt to combat the pests in their field, and Vive Crop Protection’s AZterknot fungicide is a new superpowered tool that growers can use to level-up their potato plant health and disease control program. AZterknot fungicide will help you ward off those disease infections and increase your potato’s plant health through synergistic crop protection, dual plant health, and upgraded disease control.

Potatoes in ND_generic vs azterknot_labledIn the picture above, both applications were applied foliar in a trial near Erskine, MN on July 28, 2021. The AZterknot treated potatoes were more uniform, had higher marketable yield, and an increased tuber count. 

In 2021, when AZterknot fungicide was first introduced to the market, growers noticed “super” enhancements to their crop in the form of greener, healthier plants late in the season, with less tuber rot during harvest. AZterknot powered-up their plant health programs, allowing them to produce a higher quality crop and be victorious over the diseases in their fields.

AZterknot works by combining trusted, conventional chemistry with a biological counterpart, all powered by Vive’s unique active ingredient delivery system, Allosperse. Vive’s Allosperse Delivery System allows growers to apply AZterknot with foliar feeds and other chemistries for an easy and efficient application. When applied, AZterknot works by providing a protective layer of disease control, while also inducing a response within the plant to make itself more resilient to disease infection, inhibiting pathogen growth, strengthening cell walls, and promoting plant growth.

Now it is your time to be a superhero farmer and try AZterknot fungicide on your potato fields this year and see how it can “superpower” up your disease control program and improve your potato plant health. To learn more about AZterknot or another Vive product, reach out to your local sales rep or visit