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Do your plans for next season include fungicides or insecticides that require extra water to mix? Are you factoring in the extra cost of compatibility agents so you can put more than one product in the tank at a time? Or are you side banding fertilizer, so you can put fungicides or insecticides directly on the seed? How about the extra time and frustration of plugged nozzles and spray tips that slow down your whole planting operation?

All Vive Crop Protection products contain the Allosperse Delivery System, which are simply the best-mixing products available. Vive’s precision chemistry controls how products behave in the spray tank with other additives/carriers including popup fertilizer, micronutrients and other pesticide products.

Because Vive products mix perfectly, you’ll be able to mix liquid fertilizer and fungicide and apply it in the seed trench together with no need for extra tanks and lines. You won’t need the water truck to make as many trips back to the source because you can use lower water volumes. You’ll save money on compatibility agents. But most importantly, you’ll be able to finish planting faster, you’ll save time and frustration by not needing to clean out nozzles and filters, you’ll haul less water and your crop can even get a couple extra growing days!

Don’t be held hostage by products that don’t mix well, forcing you to create workarounds or using fertilizer in a less-efficient placement simply because your crop protection products won’t mix.

Try a Vive Crop Protection product at planting: 96% of farmers who have used Vive products say they would recommend them to a neighbor. There’s nothing to lose – and everything to gain.

Photo of AZteroid FC 3.3 and Midac FC (left) vs Competitor azoxystrobin + imidacloprid (right)