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    Precision Chemistry: a Vive Driven Revolution

    Incorporating the latest in precision agriculture solutions is commonplace for leading producers these days. By combining the newest sensors, satellites and data with cutting-edge equipment, farmers know what is happening on every fraction of an acre. Armed with that information, farmers are producing more with less – less inputs applied in targeted ways to maximize yield potential while minimizing environmental impact. The industry has made great advancements in the last 20 years.

    What about precision agriculture advancements in seed and crop protection? 2021 marks the 25-year anniversary of Roundup Ready soybeans, one of the most notable innovations in row crop production history. Since then, many chemistry combination products and new “softer” chemistries have emerged, but few if any, are truly considered industry game-changers.

    Enter Vive Crop Protection. Vive is revolutionizing the crop protection industry through precision chemistry, changing the way pesticides interact within an environment, be it in the jug, in the tank, on the plant, on the seed, or in the soil.

    As precision chemistry pioneers, Vive has successfully introduced nano-polymer technology in combination with market-leading active ingredients. These combinations are only possible through the company’s patented Allosperse® Delivery System, which allows developers to tailor each nano-scale combination to optimize the final product.

    First commercialized in 2016 through the introduction of AZteroid FC, Vive delivers market-leading azoxystrobin in combination with Allosperse, resulting in the industry’s first and only truly fertilizer-compatible azoxystrobin. Through this new product offer, Vive has changed the way producers approach early season disease control and fertility, enabling previously impossible applications of a fungicide and a starter fertilizer at plant. Vive has built upon that success, since adding four more products and numerous labeled crops to its fertilizer-compatible product line-up.

    Leveraging Allosperse and that same precision chemistry approach, Vive is now anticipating the launch of its first chemical + biological fungicide to US growers by mid-2021. Biologicals are a rapidly growing area of grower interest but have suffered from inconsistent stability and shelf-life challenges. Given Vive’s Allosperse technology and development expertise, Vive can address these exact issues, resulting in the company quickly emerging as a key partner for major biological suppliers.

    Vive is just getting started making its mark on the crop protection industry. Actively in development of solutions for improved foliar penetration, soil mobility and seed treatments, precision chemistry leader Vive is undoubtedly one to watch when looking for the latest innovations in crop protection.

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