Proven Potato Pest Protection!

By: David Reif; Northern Technical Sales Agronomist 

As many potato growers know, treating for nematodes can have a pretty significant impact on your cost of production. Active and aggressive control measures produce greater yields and a higher quality crop, but also require a much larger financial investment. Conversely, a lack of control reduces tuber yield and quality, reducing gross revenue.

In many cases, there is a fine line between doing too much and doing too little to control a pest with both options having a financial impact on your operation. As input costs continue to climb, this financial tight rope gets more and more difficult to walk.

Currently, many potato growers use Vydate® C-LV insecticide/nematicide through a chemigation system to suppress nematodes in-season, however Vydate C-LV is expensive and hazardous to handle. Potato growers now have an effective and cost-efficient option to help suppress nematodes in their fields with Averland® FC nematicide/insecticide/miticide from Vive Crop Protection. In 2021, Averland FC received a 2(ee) label for nematode suppression through chemigation on potatoes. Averland FC is an excellent option for in-season nematode suppression that is not only effective at reducing nematode damage but it’s also much friendlier on the pocketbook.

Trials have consistently shown that substituting Averland FC for two applications of Vydate C-LV improved overall suppression of nematodes. Along with the added suppression and a different mode of action, Averland FC is less money per acre compared to Vydate C-LV, keeping more money in your pocket.

Vydate Potato Program vs Averland Potato Program
Vydate Potato Program vs Averland Potato Program side by side

When Averland FC is chemigated and washed into the soil profile, it works instantly by paralyzing and killing nematodes. This provides excellent suppression and will help you achieve your potato yield goals.

Vive products are powered by the unique Allosperse Delivery System, allowing you to combine applications and chemigate with foliar feeds and other products so that you can fertilize and protect your crop, all in one pass.

Always read and follow label directions. AVERLAND FC and VYDATE C-LV ARE RESTRICTED USE PESTICIDES. Check state registrations before purchase and application. Vydate® is a registered trademark Dow AgroSciences, DuPont or Pioneer and their affiliated companies or respective owners Vydate® is a registered trademark of Corteva Agroscience. Allosperse® and Averland® are registered trademarks of Vive Crop Protection Inc. ©2022 Vive Crop Protection Inc.