Top 5 Reasons to use In-furrow Fertilizer

By: David Reif, Northern Technical Sales Agronomist

We recently asked growers about the main benefits they see when using in-furrow fertilizer. Here are their top 5:

  1. Nutrient availability next to the seed

Unlike a broadcast fertilizer application, an in-furrow application of a starter fertilizer is available immediately when the seed germinates promoting early seedling growth and faster stand establishment (often referred to as the “popup effect”). It doesn’t need to ‘grow into’ where the fertilizer is located like it would if placed in a 2 X 2 banded application.

  1. Increased plant vigor and emergence

The goal of every grower is to have quick and even emergence to get the crop out of the ground and into the sun for photosynthesis. The seed needs to have proper nutrition at the critical germination and emergence stages. Fred Below, a University of Illinois researcher and crop physiologist, says protecting and nourishing corn early is important for high yields. “A plant senses its nutrition at an early stage and grows accordingly. If it starts strong, it gives you the best chance.”


  1. Better performance in cooler planting conditions

Early planting and/or high residue situations (like no-till) can often result in slow early growth and reduced nutrient uptake by the plant. Slow seedling growth increases the amount of time that seedlings’ are susceptible to early-season disease and insect damage. Prevent this by getting your plant off to a faster start with in-furrow fertilizer. 

  1. Better root system

A healthy and strong root development is critical for the crop to maximize it's nutrient uptake and withstand stress better throughout the season.

  1. Set the crop up for success

“You really have only one chance to get the plant off to rapid start,” Dr. Below says. “When you put seed in the ground, you want to make sure it has the best possible experience and the best possible growth from the very beginning.


Setting the crop up for success requires minimizing risk, and in-furrow fertilizer along with added crop protection inputs all help minimize early season risks and sets your crop up for a strong start. All Vive Crop Protection products contain our patented Allosperse® nano-polymer technology, creating the best-mixing crop protection products for use with liquid fertilizer. 

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