Averland FC nematicide/insecticide receives US EPA registration

Growers have a new tool to combat a wide spectrum of nematodes in corn and foliar insects in potatoes. The US Environmental Protection Agency recently registered Averland FC (abamectin) and it becomes the newest addition to Vive Crop Protection’s fertilizer-compatible product lineup. 

“For the first time, corn and potato growers will be able to use abamectin mixed with liquid fertilizer. Applied in-furrow in corn, corn growers will appreciate Averland FC’s control of yield-robbing nematodes, it’s no-hassle mixing and the fact that no extra equipment is required,” says Vive CEO Darren Anderson.

“Abamectin is well-known to potato growers for control of Colorado potato beetle, leafminers, potato psyllid and spider mites (plus suppression of thrips). Averland FC delivers an easy-to-use option that mixes easily with micronutrients and other chemistry in a foliar application – including chemigation.”

Averland FC will be available for use by potato growers in some states this summer.

Averland FC contains the Allosperse Delivery System. The technology makes chemicals that were previously incompatible able to be mixed with liquid fertilizer and applied at the right time for maximum benefit to the crop. It also saves farmers time and money by reducing a pass over the field.