Celebrating 15 years of Precision Chemistry

Vive Crop Protection is pleased to celebrate its’ 15th anniversary on March 30, 2021. During Vive’s 15 years it has focused on helping farmers be more efficient using nanotechnology and other precision chemistry tools.

Since its inception in 2006, Vive Crop Protection has:
• Commercialized the first use of nanotechnology in crop protection – the Allosperse delivery system
• Leveraged Allosperse technology as the basis for eight insecticide and fungicide products currently available in the U.S. market
• Based on grower case studies, Vive products are estimated to have saved 34 million gallons of water, 189,000 gallons of fuel and 15,000 hours of farm labor by enabling applications with in-furrow liquid starter
• Reached a milestone of one million crop acres treated with Vive-branded fertilizer-compatible products in 2020
• Achieved a 97% satisfaction rating from growers who use Vive products
• Collaborated with major biologicals providers to develop industry-leading chemistry and biological combination products
• Named Life Sciences Ontario “Company of the Year” for 2021
• Ranked #27 on the 2020 Globe and Mail’s “Canada’s Top Growing Companies” list
Vive CEO and Co-founder Darren Anderson says, “Our purpose is to create products that provide a real benefit to farmers. Since day one, our priority has been ensuring that our products provide performance first and sustainability second.”

Anderson continues, “Our Allosperse nano-polymer technology was initially used in our fertilizer-compatible product lineup. This year we will launch our first product combining the power of Allosperse with both a biological and a chemical active ingredient. This is an important milestone for Vive, as we believe that the potential of biologicals can only be fully unlocked in combination with chemical active ingredients. It is a difficult technical challenge to use precision chemistry to deliver both a biological and chemical in the same jug – one that Vive has solved for the first time. Using Allosperse technology in leading biological and chemical insecticide, fungicide and herbicide products, Vive is poised for explosive growth in the coming years.”