Customer satisfaction tops 97% for Vive Crop Protection

97% of Vive customers plan to re-use Vive products and 94% would recommend Vive products to their neighbors. The recent grower survey was completed by more than 30% of identified 2020 customers between December 2020 and January 2021.

“This is the third annual satisfaction survey, and we are always blown away with the positive response we receive. There are very few brands in the world that have this type of re-use and willingness to recommend numbers, and even fewer in the agricultural space,” says Dan Bihlmeyer, Vive’s VP of Sales and Marketing.

“We attribute this satisfaction to our Precision Chemistry technology – the Allosperse® Delivery System. A nano-polymer shuttle that protects the active ingredient from its environment until it reaches the intended target, Allosperse is the basis of all Vive products. This translates into industry-leading compatibility with liquid fertilizer, micronutrients, other chemistries, and hard water to increase efficiency, yield and quality. With Vive products, there’s no downtime to unplug screens and tips or additional water or compatibility agents needed,” Bihlmeyer says.

The previous survey results showed 93% re-use intention and 88% willingness to recommend (2018) and 96% re-use intention and 96% willingness to recommend (2019), for a three-year average of 95% re-use intention and 93% willingness to recommend.