Joe Dales joins the Vive Board

Vive Crop Protection is proud to announce the addition of Joe Dales to the Board of Directors.

Dales has extensive business and corporate governance experience with over 35 years serving in various leadership, agri-marketing and management roles in the agriculture industry. He is the co-founder of The RH Accelerator Inc., a value adding investment company that mentors early stage innovative startup companies. 

Darren Anderson, CEO of Vive Crop Protection says, “Vive is fortunate to have Joe join our board. He brings a wealth of agricultural and entrepreneurial knowledge to the table, both of which will help drive Vive’s aggressive growth over the next five years.”

According to Dales, “I joined the Board of Directors at Vive Crop Protection because I’m passionate about helping introduce new innovation to farmers. Vive has great technology that will improve the crop protection capabilities in the US and Canadian marketplaces, as well as many others around the world.” 

Along with the addition of Dales to the Board of Directors, Vive also welcomes Amy Yoder, President and CEO of Anuvia Plant Nutrients as a Strategic Advisor. As well,  Franck Hivert, President & CEO at Oculys Health Informatics Inc. is working with Vive as a Strategic Advisor.

Vive products contain the Allosperse Delivery System. The technology allows chemicals that were previously incompatible to be mixed with liquid fertilizer and applied at the right time for maximum benefit to the crop. It also saves farmers time and money by reducing a pass over the field.