Vive Crop Protection welcomes Jim Jones to its Board of Directors, effective May 2, 2017. Before joining Vive, Jim was Assistant Administrator for the Office of Chemical Safety and Pollution at the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). As Assistant Administrator, his office was responsible for the regulation of chemicals at the US EPA.

“We’re excited to have Jim on our Board,” stated Keith Thomas, Vive’s CEO. “Jim has been a champion for strong science-based regulatory systems, both in the United States and in countries around the world. At Vive, responsible environmental stewardship is one of our key values. We’ve recently launched a new research program to improve biopesticide formulations. This will accelerate the global use of biopesticides and complements our portfolio of conventional crop protection products. Jim’s focus on sustainability is a critical part of this effort. We expect that he will help us design and register new products that meet the needs of modern farmers for years to come.”

Jim spent 30 years at the EPA in senior positions. Before serving as Assistant Administrator, Jim was the Director of the Office of Pesticide Programs, the key regulatory agency for pesticides in the United States. He has extensive operational experience, and managed 1,000 highly skilled employees and a budget of $250 million. Working with counterpart agencies from Canada, Mexico, and other OECD nations, Jim led EPA’s efforts to create a global review system for new products.

According to Jim, “We need new innovations that help farmers keep producing affordable, healthy, nutritious food. I’m joining Vive because of their focus on improving trusted crop protection products. This makes the products better for growers and better for the environment. Vive has an exciting product pipeline and I’m looking forward to helping them deliver new products to global farmers.”


Vive creates new ways to use trusted products using the Allosperse® Delivery System. Allosperse improves the targeting and performance of pesticide active ingredients. This helps farmers do more with less, reducing the burden agricultural practices have on the environment, all while increasing crop quality and yields. Vive works with global partners that want to bring better crop protection products to growers around the world.

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