Toronto, Canada (March 02, 2016) – Thanks to the invention of the Allosperse™ delivery system, Vive Crop Protection is launching two products that can blend easily with liquid fertilizer, a first in the industry. Innovative farmers looking for new technology to efficiently maximize yields will find that newly launched AZteroid™ fungicide and Bifender™ insecticide are worry-free, convenient and easy-to-use products that mix uniformly with liquid fertilizers.

Using starter fertilizer when planting helps get the seedling off to a healthy, fast start; establish a large, vigorous root system; and improve nutrient uptake particularly in cold, wet soils. Combining an applied starter with AZteroid or Bifender blended in the tank provides additional protection for the growing seedling and maximizes yield potential. Both AZteroid and Bifender utilize the patented technology of Allosperse to deliver the chemical precisely into the liquid fertilizer. This technology uses polymer ‘shuttles’ to carry the active ingredient to where it needs to go – the shuttles control how the chemical interacts with soil, foliage, fertilizers and other such factors.

The patented technology can be readily applied across multiple crops and/or active ingredients, thereby creating products that customers prefer but don’t currently have. For example, AZteroid contains azoxystrobin and provides broad-spectrum control for a variety of seed and seedling diseases in corn, soybean, potatoes, cotton, and peanuts, and several other crops.

“Use of an at-plant fungicide increases seedling growth and vigor, and leads to faster, more uniform emergence,” said Vive Crop Protection Vice President of Business Development, NAFTA, Tony Zatylny. “In the past, applying fungicide and starter fertilizer simultaneously has relied on complex and expensive equipment solutions ultimately leading to inconsistent field performance. AZteroid is the first fungicide designed for direct mixing with liquid fertilizer right in the spray tank for a worry-free, consistent, high-performing application.”

Bifender contains bifenthrin and provides broad-spectrum control of many serious insect pests dwelling at or below the soil surface for corn, soybean, cotton, potatoes and peanuts. Bifender has the same excellent fertilizer compatibility as AZteroid and can be tank-mixed with AZteroid by growers who want to simultaneously control seedling disease and soilborne insect pests. Bifender is particularly useful applied to seed that has not received a seed treatment, but both Bifender and AZteroid can also be used to provide extra protection to treated seed. In-furrow application helps provide a broader area of control on already-treated seed by covering the area around the seed and in the furrow. This increases protection for a growers’ key investment in getting the seedling off to a great start.

“We’re very excited to bring AZteroid and Bifender to growers across the United States,” said Vive Crop Protection CEO Keith Thomas. “Trouble-free liquid fertilizer compatibility means that growers can simultaneously apply nutrition and crop protection products during planting without worrying about performance.”

AZteroid and Bifender are being launched at Commodity Classic this year. More information about AZteroid is available on the product page at Bifender’s product page is For more information about either product and to find your local retailer, email Vive at [email protected] or call toll-free at 1-888-760-0187.


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