azteroid pngThe United States Environmental Protection Agency has registered Vive Crop Protection Inc.’s azoxystrobin-based fungicide product using Vive’s proprietary AllosperseTM formulation technology. The product is a broad-spectrum fungicide targeted for early season, in-furrow application. Vive’s formulation has demonstrated excellent compatibility and stability in a broad range of starter and other liquid fertilizers, which have proven effective at enhancing yield in corn, soybeans, and other crops. Vive’s product combined with starter fertilizer won’t clog nozzles or lines and is effective in harsh environmental circumstances including sustained cold weather and hard water.

“We’re thrilled to have Vive’s first commercial product registered,” said Vive Crop Protection CEO Keith Thomas. “We have several more registrations in process and a full pipeline of Allosperse formulations in advanced development. We are looking forward to launching more products as we accelerate our growth.”

“Liquid fertilizer compatibility is important to growers who want to maximize the efficiency of their early-season nutrition and protection program,” said Vive’s Chief Commercial Officer, Skip Campbell. “Avoiding equipment issues like clogged lines and fouled tanks saves time and money, and compatible products can be used together to save passes over the field.”