fenstroThe United States Environmental Protection Agency has approved Vive Crop Protection’s combination product FenstroTM. Fenstro uses Vive’s proprietary AllosperseTM delivery system to combine bifenthrin, an excellent broad-spectrum insecticide, with azoxystrobin, a market-leading broad-spectrum fungicide. Fenstro has excellent foliar disease and insect pest control, and can be easily applied in combination with a liquid foliar nutrition program. Fenstro has best-in-class compatibility with liquid fertilizers, including micronutrients, and is compatible with hard water.

“Fenstro is our first product targeted at foliar applications. Growers across the United States now have access to a unique combination product that can be easily applied in combination with foliar fertilizers and other tank-mix partners” said Vive Crop Protection CEO Keith Thomas.

“Trouble-free liquid fertilizer compatibility means that growers can simultaneously provide foliar feeding, insect pest control, and broad-spectrum disease control without worrying about performance”” said Vive’s Vice President, Business Development (NAFTA) Tony Zatylny.

Fenstro is an excellent addition to a program using Vive’s other fertilizer-compatible products, including the at-plant fertilizer-compatible fungicide AZteroidTM and at-plant fertilizer-compatible insecticide BifenderTM. Fenstro will be available in a demonstration program for growers in 2016. To participate in the program, please email [email protected].

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