Vive Crop Protection (Vive), a leading provider of effective and environmentally responsible crop protection products, announced today that the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has approved VCP-01, Bifenthrin 10 DF insecticide for foliar use on a variety of crops, turf and ornamentals.  This is Vive’s first product registration with the EPA.

VCP-01 is the first registration using AllosperseTM, a proprietary polymer-based delivery system delivering maximum initial knockdown which allows the longest retreatment intervals.  VCP-01 with Allosperse is a water-dispersible formulation with no organic solvents.  Allosperse polymers are UV resistant to protect the formulation on the leaf surface for maximum effective insect control.

Always use all pesticide products with care.   Read and follow all label directions.

“This approval demonstrates the value of Vive’s formulation team and technology platform,” said Vive CEO Keith Thomas. “Vive is rapidly developing a strong pipeline of effective crop protection products for our partners and growers.”