Xyler FC fungicide included in McCain Foods USA contracts in Columbia Basin

Xyler FC fungicide, a fertilizer-compatible metalaxyl fungicide for potatoes by Vive Crop Protection has been added to McCain Foods USA contracts in the Columbia Basin for 2020.

Xyler FC provides the same excellent disease control as other metalaxyl products, but has significant handling benefits. Xyler FC mixes perfectly with various fertilizers and types of water, allowing farmers to use less water during application, resulting in fewer stops to fill up. It provides cost and time savings by eliminating the need for blending/compatibility agents and also allows for application of multiple products at the same time.

Jonathan Adamson, Regional Sales Manager at Vive Crop Protection, says, “Xyler FC is really easy to use in chemigation or aerial application setups. Potato growers across the country will appreciate its convenience while providing the same level of control as Ridomil® Gold.”

Xyler FC is one of five fertilizer-compatible products for potatoes available from Vive Crop Protection.