2022 Vive Field Trial Review

By: David Reif - December 21, 2022

December is a month where we wrap up loose ends, say goodbye to the current year and say hello to a new beginning. As 2022 comes to a close, the Vive® team has been working hard to evaluate the field trials conducted this year to learn more about how our products performed in various crops and geographies.

The data has come in and here are some of the exciting key learnings from this year’s small plot and field trial programs:

Averland FC logo

Averland® FC saw exceptional results in corn and cotton for protection against nematode damage. Several growers saw decreased nematode feeding, better overall plant health, and increased yields. In-season results were very visual, with several growers reporting they saw better plant size and health throughout the season. In one of our corn plots located in Aurora, NE, we saw an increase in yield of 15 bu/ac over the untreated. In cotton, we also had trials where we saw yield improvements and a reduction in nematode counts compared to industry competitors like Velum® and AgLogic™. Averland FC is great new tool for growers to consider when managing nematodes in corn and cotton.

AZteroid FC 3.3

AZteroid® FC 3.3 continues to stand out in corn trials. When AZteorid FC 3.3 is added to your in-furrow corn program, we consistently see improved root structure, early season disease control, better stand establishment, and improved plant health. Seed treatments can often not be enough. Adding AZteroid FC 3.3 fungicide provides multiple benefits in addition to disease control, especially in cool, wet planting conditions. This year we focused on comparing AZteroid FC 3.3 to Xyway® LFR®, including the addition of 2x2 trials to fit more growers’ operations. Several trials have shown that we see as good or better yield results when compared to Xyway LFR and that with an increased AZteroid FC 3.3 rate we can achieve equal results to the benefits we see when applying AZteroid FC 3.3 in-furrow. In a trial in Kentucky, our results showed improved plant stands and an increase of 10.4 bu/ac over a standard corn seed treatment.

Bifender FC logo

Bifender® FC is quickly becoming a nationwide favorite, and Vive’s fastest growing brand. Bifender FC mixes better, stays in suspension longer, and provides exceptional insect control compared to any other bifenthrin on the market. In our trials this year we focused on comparing Bifender FC to competitive products like Capture® LFR® and results proved that Bifender FC performs as good or better than Capture LFR when comparing corn rootworm control. Good things to come for growers trying to control this tough bug!

AZterknot Logo

AZterknot®, Vive’s latest product, pairs conventional chemistry with a biological and the ease-of-use of Vive’s nano-polymer technology, Allosperse®. Trial results have shown that AZterknot has had some serious plant health benefits this year! We see the disease control and plant health benefits of both conventional chemistry and the biological in several crops: potatoes, sugarbeets, corn, peanuts, and blueberries to name a few. In all of these crops, it was apparent that there is a nice synergy between the conventional chemistry and biological component that bring added plant health benefits, improved quality, and strong yield returns over conventional chemistries. This was especially apparent in sugarbeets where AZterknot consistently improved sugar content when compared to the competition.

Field Trial Map

Vive is continuing to expand its field trial program to incorporate new geographies, crops and pests (new 2022 trial locations in green).

Overall, it was great to see the results from the investment that Vive is putting into our field trial program to ensure our products work and are providing value to the farmer, all while developing new products for the future. At Vive, one of our key values is to “BUILD SOMETHING REAL” and the results of our field trials shows just that. I am excited about the products we have to offer farmers today and are looking forward to the innovative, new products Vive will bring to the market in the future.

As you plan for 2023, reach out to your local Vive Regional Sales Manager to see how Vive products could help to improve your farming operation.





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