The first 40 days

March 6, 2023  

By: David Reif 

As the sun warms, the snow disappears, and the ground starts to dry, our minds quickly shift to making sure the planter is ready to go for another cropping season. As a farmer, you only get so many chances to “do it right” and make the most of a season. That is why the first 40 days of your corn crops' life is so crucial.

Springtime always has a few curveballs that can either bless your crop or give it some serious hurdles to overcome. In an ideal world, a corn crop will emerge at exactly the same time and will have that perfect “picket fence” look we so often we see in our dreams; however, depending on the growing season and the disease and insect pests that lurk in your field, this dream may turn into a nightmare.

The best way to keep your mind at ease is to have a program and a plan in place to help you achieve maximum odds of success. As a youngster you are often taught that to achieve success you must plan for it, otherwise it is much more difficult to attain. This is where Vive Crop Protection products come in to play. Vive products can help you achieve success in two ways: through operational efficiency and crop health.

Operational Efficiency:

Vive's Precision Chemistry solutions are powered by our patented Allosperese nano-polymer Delivery technology. This allows our products to mix with any in-furrow fertilizer program that you are working with for a seamless application and maximum operational efficiency. This means no clogged nozzles or lines when mixing which allows you to do more in a a single-pass application with both fertility and crop protection. In turn this MAXIMIZES your operational efficiency and will often save you time, resources (like fuel and water), and labor. Here it first hand from this Iowa corn grower:

Crop Health:

And because you are able to apply our crop protection solutions on the seed piece at-plant, you are getting enhanced protection... right from the start. Vive’s in-furrow insecticide, Bifender FC and in-furrow fungicide, AZteroid FC 3.3 will help provide optimal plant health by controlling insect and disease pests earlier in the season. Bifender FC works around the seed zone to prevent insect damage from pests like corn rootworm, wireworm, grubs and more. AZteroid FC 3.3 works to protect the developing plant roots and crown, helping to prevent disease infection, increasing vigor, and helping that corn crop get off to a healthy start. In several trials in 2022, AZteroid FC 3.3 and Bifender FC provided exceptional results.

These two products, as well as Vive's other corn solutions, are crucial to your corn crops health for the first 40 days and can help set you up for a successful season. After that, all you have to do is keep praying for Mother Nature to treat you right but at the end of the day you will know you set yourself up as good as you possibly could have.

Wishing all the farmers good luck this spring as #plant23 begins! If you would like to learn more about Vive corn products feel free to reach out to me our your local Vive sales manager!